January 18, 2013

Week 3 - A Trip Around the World?

Printable Version of Meal Plan with Recipes and Grocery List

This was one of those weeks that I made a plan and didn’t stick with it.  Lots of little tweaking along the way because of things like unexpected leftovers.  But luckily this turned out to be a flexible week so no harm done.  I think it helps to have a couple of meals that don’t rely on fresh ingredients – that way you can push them to the end of the week or even to the following week if need be.  I also realized mid-week that I had a lot of Ethnic food on the menu – Asian, Greek, Indian and Mexican.  It wasn’t planned but it made for a nice theme! 

Check-point – how I’m doing with my goals to save time and money? 
This week pretty good!  The only additional trip to the grocery store was on the way home Friday night to get cheese for the nachos, and only because we ended up snacking our way through the cheese we already had.  Money wise – very good week!  I spent about $120 on groceries and if I add up all the meals we ate from that (me – 15, Dave – 13, Marin – 10) it works out to $3.15 per plate and that’s not factoring that some of that $120 was snacks.

Week in Review

The Birthday Girl

Monday  Sunday night we ate away from home (thanks Mom & Dad for the delicious stew!) so no leftovers.  I was exhausted after a busy (but fun) Birthday weekend so Monday’s lunch was quick and EASY!  Hummus, cheese, raw veggies and Melba.  Monday was Marin’s actual birthday so I needed a supper that wasn’t going to take a lot of time when I got home.   I went with salmon fishcakes which I premixed Sunday night while I was putting lunch together.  This fishcake recipe is quick to whip up because you can microwave the fish and you can easily make it in advance and just pan-fry the patties when you’re ready.  I modified the recipe this time, using oats instead of breadcrumbs – I think I preferred it.   We really love the dip for this recipe too!   And for the birthday girl I threw together a plate or her favorite things - whole wheat pasta with nutritional yeast flakes (or “stuff” as she calls it), chickpeas and avocado J

Tuesday – The plan was an Asian Salad with tofu but I unexpectedly had leftover salmon so I saved my tofu and used the fishcakes instead which turned out to be really good.  I also planned to make my own dressing, but again – tired!   I had some Kraft Asian Sesame dressing in the fridge so I just used that instead. 

And here it is… the one meal you should definitely try this week…. Feta Stuffed Chicken with Lemon Roasted Potatoes and Greek Salsa.   So, so good!!  We LOVE greek food and what I really love about greek food is that it’s pretty easy and often as good as what you would order at a restaurant.  The Greek Salsa is my own creation and we could both make an entire meal out of it.  I forgot to put Tzatziki on my grocery list unfortunately.  I have made tzatziki before but didn’t have plain yogurt on hand either so we had to go without.  Tzatziki is actually something that I find really adds to a greek meal and is better store bought – my own always comes up a little short. 

Wednesday – Dave went out for lunch which means I got the greek leftovers – yay!  My original plan was a quinoa salad with homemade greek dressing,  but yet again – tired!  So I made bulgar with Kraft dressing instead.  I’d recommend doing as I say and not as I do. J  Wednesday night was a slow cooker IndianCarrot Soup.  The great thing about this meal was that it was easy to assemble in the morning and ready when we got home.  As a result I had half an hour to snuggle with Marin under a blanket while we waited for Dave.  It was also a stormy night so the meal nicely fit the weather… BUT… neither of us loved it.  Indian is not one of our favorites, nor are we big soup people… if you are don’t count this recipe out, it just didn’t do it for us.  I knew Marin wouldn’t eat it so again I made her up a plate of her favorite healthy finger foods.

Thursday – I was planning a melba toast and tuna salad lunch but since I had tofu that I hadn’t used up yet and some leftover coleslaw that needed eating I went with another easy Asian salad, again using the Kraft Asian Sesame.   Supper was Pork Tenderloin with Pan Sauce – this was a new recipe I found on Pinterest and it was a definite hit and we will make it again.  We really loved the pan sauce.

Friday – Dave didn’t need lunch again so I used the leftover pork and pan sauce and added some rice and an egg and fried it all up like pork fried rice.  I even used the same pan I made the sauce in.  Friday supper was Nachos – really, how can you go wrong?  It’s tied with Poutine for our favorite CFF (Convenience Food Friday) meal J

Finally, lessons learned from this week – I need to get more sleep!

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