February 08, 2013

Week 6 - Low Maintenance Meals

Printable Version of Meal Plan with Recipes and Grocery List

I was trying to plan meals that didn't require a lot of prep this week because I wanted to spend my evenings painting.  As it turns out I had a busy week at work, was leaving early every morning and falling asleep most nights putting Marin to bed.  So I got absolutely no painting done but did appreciate my low maintenance meals.

Recipe Quick Links:
Ranch Dip, 100 Days of Real Food
Whole Wheat Tea Bisuits, 100 Days of Real Food

Week in Review

Monday - This Monday followed Superbowl Sunday and in the spirit of game day we had loaded nachos for supper.  I used up the extra toppings with some quick cheese quesadillas (on pita) for lunch.  We had also picked up some Buffalo Style Boneless Chicken at Costco to have as a little Superbowl treat - but we were too full from the nachos to eat it.  So I chopped that up and threw it in a salad for supper.  I used the Ranch Dip recipe from 100 Day of Real Food as our dressing - we are loving this dip!

Tuesday - I cooked a chicken breast on the Foreman grill and used up the rest of the buffalo chicken to make sandwiches.  These were pretty darn tasty - the key being the Ciabatta buns and the avocado.  We don't have sandwiches often but I really enjoyed this one!  Supper was a super easy stew that we threw on in the morning.  Just a basic stew but really nice to come home to a fully cooked meal!  We had it with whole wheat tea biscuits, in case you missed them last week.

Wednesday -- Lunch was sushi.  This is actually far less complicated than it sounds.  It can take a bit of practice to roll but once you get the hang of it its really pretty easy.  Here are a couple of my tips...

Remove a couple of rows from the Nori sheet - just fold along the line, it will easily break off.

Don't overfill!  This is the bit that takes practice.  I find about this much filling works well...

And then voila... Sushi for lunch!  I'm not going to lie and tell you it's as good as your favorite Sushi restuarant but it's comparible to the grocery store stuff.
Thursday - And here it is... the one meal you should try this week... Ricotta Stuffed Shells!  I've been thinking about them since the big Ricotta sale back in week 2 and they never disappoint.  Easy and cheesy!  I know the presentation isn't the best here, but I thought it deserved a visual...
Friday - As always an easy day!  Leftovers for lunch (stuffed shells are better the day after) and although I have Thai Chicken Skewers on the menu I forgot to thaw chicken so I opted for Feta Omelettes, homefries and a simple green salad.  We'll have the chicken on the weekend - that's also on our favorite list.
I'm super excited about the upcoming week!  Hoping the snow storm doesn't stand between me and the grocery store on Sunday.  Also hoping it doesn't stand between me and Supper Club - if not, stayed tuned for another restuarant review as well!

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