December 28, 2013

Week 51 - Christmas Traditions

I don't have a meal plan to share this week since we've basically just been making the rounds to family gatherings.  It's been a BIG week of eating!!   So many delicious dishes... I'm related to a lot of great cooks!

We're probably all a little too full to talk much about food this week but it would be mean of me to not share this.

Honey Cranberry French Toast with Brie

The one meal I did prepare this week was our traditional Christmas breakfast.  This is at least the 8th year that we've had this and from the minute I have my last bite I start to anticipate having it again the next year.   It's so tempting to have it at other times but I resist because it would take away from the specialness.  I know this is being posted too late for you to have it on Christmas morning but if you're looking for a special New Years breakfast look no further...

Honey Cranberry French Toast with Brie

 I knew when I was taking this picture that it wasn't going to be my best work, but you get the idea... layers of french toast, sweetened cranberries, brie cheese and a drizzle a real maple syrup.  Seriously, how could that be bad??

Turkey Leftovers

And for those of you who hosted turkey dinner.... What are you doing with the leftovers??  I love to make toasted turkey sandwiches with leftover dressing and cranberry sauce.  Hot turkey sandwiches and turkey soup are some other typical uses.  Last year I was on the ball and made slow cooker stock.  I don't have leftovers his year but I have a turkey in my freezer I'm planning to cook in the next few weeks so I'd love to hear some ideas!


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